martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

A key documentation tip

As you know one of our main goals is to create and maintain an excellent documentation about OB3

This blog post is intended to give you and our Community some tips to get that goal.

Normally all of you document windows that were changed or that are added. That is correct and great.

However majority still forgets to update or at least to review for a possible change the business flows or how-to articles where these windows are used. This last step is key because according to our documentation concept each window is taking part of some business process.

Therefore, every time that you document a new feature please remember that you need to reflect it at least in two places in the documentation:

(1) In the particular window(s) / report (s) documentation itself.
(2) In the business flow / How-To articles where this window(s) / report (s) is used. This part is quite often overlooked.
* As of now we have 13 business flows and 13 How to articles. Each of them starts with the configuration required before performing a business flow and then explains how the business flow is executed. Depending on the new feature you implement you might need to change the configuration part and/or the execution part of a business flow.
Even more, I would recommend to start the documentation work by updating this part of the documentation first because it sets a context that is required later on to describe the window and the operations in this window.

Additionally, if you change an OB generic component such as the "Product Selector" you need to review the Common OB Concepts and Processes section.
In that section we describe only once common concepts and/or processes which can be used in many places in Openbravo.

Lets review few real examples:

(1) "Return Materials" functionality required the creation and explanation of a new business flow (Supplier Returns business flow) and of course the explanation of specific windows such as the Return to Vendor window in the Procurement Management application area.

(2) "Quotations" functionality required a change in the Configuration section of the Order to Cash business flow as well as a change in the Execution section of the same business flow, besides the corresponding changed in the Sales Quotation window and Sales Order window of the Sales Management application area.

(3) The feature of renaming "Accounting Schema" as "General Ledger" required a change in the Basic Configuration section of the Period End Close to Financial Report business flow besides the corresponding changes in the General Ledger configuration window article of the Financial Management application area.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any doubt. I'll be glad to help you.

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